How to add a saved place to a trip plan?

I saved a place (clicked on the heart) in Roadtrippers, but I can not figure out how to add that saved place to my trip plan

Saving places is a great way to keep track of your favorite spots or places on your must-visit list! To view your saved places and add them to your trip, open your trip on the map then click the heart icon to the right of the category bar.


Saved places near your route will show up and you can click the pin on the map to add them to your trip or click the result on the left to view the place page and add it to your trip from here.

Keep in mind that it’ll default to showing saved places within 30 miles of your route. You can use the radius slider at the bottom left to adjust how far off the route you want to see results, and you can bump it up to infinity if you want to see all saved places regardless of how close they are to your route.