Feedback after a 2-week RV trip


We planned out and completed a 2-week cross-country RV trip using Roadtrippers. Just wanted to give two points of feedback after using the app extensively.

  1. This may be minor but was frustrating for both my wife and me. When opening a saved trip on the iPhone app, it takes you to the first day of the trip. That was useful before the trip started, but during the trip, we had to scroll to the current day and waypoint each time we opened the app. This turned out to be dozens of times each day as we used it for directions and to make modifications to the itinerary.
  2. Better offline support. We were in, and around, Yellowstone and had no or very limited Internet Access. It would sometimes take a while to load while it searched for Internet. I know there are offline maps, which we had downloaded, but managing waypoints (moving them around, adding, removing) didn’t work very well without active Internet. I guess I’m looking for more of an offline mode and syncing process that would allow me to change waypoints offline, and then sync up when there is Internet access. Having offline waypoints in a given area would be great too.

Hope this is helpful. Thanks!

Hi bradel! This is very helpful feedback - thank you for providing it. If you don’t mind adding your vote to similar requests we are currently tracking over on our tracking system, Canny, that would be great! Then, if we release updates to those requests you’ll get an email so you know!

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