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Hi all :wave: I’m Liz! I’m a former full-time big rig RVer, a long distance runner :running_woman:, an adult-amateur horsewoman :racehorse:, a candy :candy: aficionado, a cat :cat: and small mammal :rabbit: lover, and one of your friendly customer support folks here at Roadtrippers!

In 2015 I pre-tired from a career in Speech-Pathology to hit the road full-time in a sometimes-cranky 40’ 2001 Monaco Dynasty with my partner. We spent 8 years on the road full-time working remotely and meandering around the U.S. with our cat Lucy. In 2022 we traded in our Monaco for a 34’ Grand Design Solitude fifth-wheel, hauling it with a blue F-350. As of 2023 we’ve taken a hiatus from our full-time lifestyle, settling into sticks-and-bricks small city living. The F-350 continues to be our daily driver and our Solitude is awaiting our return whenever the RV itch strikes.

In the meantime, I’m here to help you make the most of Roadtrippers! :person_tipping_hand:

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Hello, I’m Steph! I’ve been part of the Roadtrippers support team for about 4 years and I’m one of the friendly admin faces you’ll see 'round these parts :cowboy_hat_face:

Three things I always look for when traveling are analog photobooths, craft breweries, and quirky roadside attractions :heart_on_fire:

Most of my travels are short trips around New England, but I’m also on a mission to visit (at least) one National Park each year. I did Joshua Tree in '22, Acadia in '23, and Grand Canyon in '24. Open to recommendations for which one to hit next :eyes:

I’m excited to learn more about y’all, follow along on your adventures, and help you use Roadtrippers!

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