When you remove this post, please let the people who made the decision to downgrade the campendium site & app by removing maps and features that there is a growing crowd of unhappy campers posting their dislike of these changes on reddit and other sites. All the eye-candy on the roadtrippers website is cute, but nearly useless. I was displeased when I discovered mid-trip that Campendium has been hobbled by its new owners. I originally joined togo/roadpass to have full access to campendium, and will not be renewing when it expires. I suspect there are others who will do the same.

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I’ll second that. The Campendium website maps on laptop was almost the only thing I used it for and Roadtrippers maps is not even remotely close to that. I’m looking for alternatives now and thinking of cancelling my subscription

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Hey there! Our team has been listening to feedback from the Campendium community and we are diligently working to restore the map features on

In addition to restoring the map on Campendium’s website, we are working on an improved integration with Roadtrippers to make it easy to find all of Campendium’s locations on the Roadtrippers map.

We don’t have a firm timeline to share just yet, but we’re trying to move quickly and hope to have these updates ready soon. I’m happy to post an update here as soon as I have one!

@kenarnold1 @roadtripper4497972 I’m back with some good news! Campendium maps have been restored on :tada:

We appreciate your patience and continued support. Let us know if you run into any issues using the website.

that’s awesome thanks. That map is much more useful than the Roadtrippers map

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That’s good news - now I’ll continue to recommend it to others. This is a welcome surprise, as most of the time similar events have resulted in negative outcomes. Please let the decision makers there know that this was the right thing to do.

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