Help, please. Two weeks in the Yellowstone area

I know it’s short notice, but wife and I plan to fly to the Yellowstone area around June 1, and stay about two weeks. We’ll rent a car, and see as many highlights as possible. We would really appreciate any tips concerning lodging or anything else, and/or suggestions concerning sights to see or things to do within reasonable driving distance from Yellowstone. Thanks.

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Hi there! Yellowstone is a blast (pun intended) - my favorite National Park! Very much recommend hunting down areas with mud pots (West Thumb Geyser Basin is one area!) We also very much enjoyed stopping for a drink/light meal at Jackson Lake Lodge. If it’s nice out, the back deck is prime, although if indoors is needed or desired, the huge windows provide great scenic views too!

Don’t miss Teton National Park! It’s Yellowstone’s neighbor just south and is completely worth the detour. Teton NPS has some amazing hiking (personal favorite hike was Jenny Lake/Cascade Canyon). While you’re visiting the Tetons, pop into Jackson Hole for a few hours. It’s charming and a good place to grab a meal/coffee/a drink or cowboy hats!

Roadtrippers has an (older, but still great) trip guide with tips for traveling amongst the two parks that might spark some more ideas too!

Enjoy - I’m envious you’ll be spending some June days in such an awesome place!

Howdy! Yellowstone is an amazing place, especially when coupled with a visit to Grand Teton National Park. HOWEVER, finding lodging inside the park on such short notice will be a challenge, but not impossible. I would recommend trying to stay at one of the in park lodges if at all possible, but you’re going to have to bank on someone canceling. Visit the Yellowstone Lodges website for more information. If that fails you can try to reserve a hotel room in West Yellowstone, MT (which is right outside the west entrance to Yellowstone), or in Jackson, WY (which is just south of Grand Teton NP). Good luck!

Good to know. I’ll get busy and see what’s available! Thanks.

Great information! Thanks a bunch.

I’m not sure if I responded to you or not. Thanks for the great info.


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How is the drive for a 25-foot Class C motorhome from the Tetons, entering through the South Gate and traveling to the North Gate of Yellowstone? Is the South Gate RV-friendly?