Auto-schedule planning including waypoints not included in route?

I just added dates to our trip and thought it was cool that the app tried to schedule our trip. But then I saw that it is assigning full days to waypoints I have listed, but not currently add to my route.

Is there a way I can make the app ignore these non-route waypoints in its auto planning?

Hi Grant! Our Autopilot program currently offers you unrouted waypoints on days we have slated for you to drive to your destination. If you would like to visit any of these suggested unrouted waypoints you can add them to your route by clicking the three dots next to the waypoint’s name on your trip itinerary, then clicking Add to Route.

If you want to delete these unrouted waypoints from your trip completely, you can do that by clicking the three dots then selecting Delete Waypoint. That will remove that waypoint from your trip.

After your Autopilot trip is generated, you have full control to edit it! This means you can shift the dates you visit a place or arrive at your destination - simply drag and drop the waypoints to your desired date!

Thanks for the quick reply. Alas, I do not understand your explanation.

Are you saying that indeed, the Autopilot trip (generated when I add dates to an existing list of waypoints), plans days for waypoints that are not included in the route? That is what I see, eg I have the waypoint Las Angles at the start of my list, but I have not included it in my route, yet it has a full day assigned to it.

I know how to delete waypoints entirely.

I saw I can edit dates but 1. why would I want to give any date to a waypoint not in my route? and 2.I see no way to completely remove a date from a waypoint.

It seems the only way to free up the days used for these unplanned waypoints is to completely remove them from my planning - which I do not want to do.

I hope this makes it more clear what I am experiencing

@LizC HI, hoping for more help!

@LizC any chance there is a fix for this?

I’m not completely following what you’re trying to do - or the issue you’re reporting. On a dated itinerary all waypoints (routed or suggested/unrouted) are assigned to a date. You can shift the dates these waypoints are assigned to by dragging and dropping.

We do not have a way to have some waypoints be dated and others undated.